A reflection on travelling partners

So, one thing is to have a great travelling  buddy, another is to  have a travelling  buddy who reads your mind… Like when you’re  thinking that Buenos is too big and too ‘city’ for the last days of holidays  and there are nice places in Uruguay and, at the same time, Aga says: how about  taking a boat to Montevideo?

So here we are. A spontaneous trip to Uruguay to let our toasies soak in hot ocean  after being trapped in walking boots for 2.5 weeks 🙂

But more about the trip…

The sunrise in Buenos was gorgeous:


What can go wrong on a boat named after  Pope Francis?


So they built this super fast boat, named it after Pope  Francis and then realised that all those common people were going to ruin their beautiful carpets! What to do, what to do? Here is the solution:


Yip, before you make any jokes about our mucky boots, I  would like to emphasise that the posh people also had to wear shoe covers.

And now, in Uruguay, there is sun, time for flip flops and fun!


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