Our collection of things weird and wonderful

It’s  hard to travel without weird and wonderful examples of bonkership in this world. Here are some of  ours (South American edition):
                1. Soutamericans get excited about important things, like football or politics. The don’t  get excited about things WE consider important, like the plane times being different between what our Air France ticket says and what they show at Buenos Aires airport.
                2. Their impression of  Europe may be different than ours. Quote: “Europe… such a small  place with so many people…”
                3. Their knowledge of Poland may be surprising: “I only know Chopin and Pudzianowski”
                4. Sooner or later you will meet a German person  who  will say that ‘it’s  nice that people  here are relaxed but this is  not  how they do things back at home’
                5. The Argentine salad will consist of two green leaves and a slice of tomato, probably  because nothing else will fit next to  the steak.
                6. You WILL be surprised by the  number of  dogs running in the streets of Patagonian towns. Running but not barking. Their number increases proportionally to  the proximity of a steak house.
                7. Most Patagonian towns look like Twin Peaks and sooner or later you will meet another tourist who made the same connection and ended up walking round town, humming the Twin Peaks theme tune.
                8. You will never find out why the penguin crossed the road:

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